Control Panels


PECS has a fully equipped control panel workshop facility in South Brent.


Part of PECS core business is the design and manufacture of control panels to meet our customer's exact requirements.


To achieve this we work closely with customers to establish a functional design and control philosophy which forms the basis of all our projects.


PECS Limited Design, Build, Install and Commission Multi Motor Control Panels to meet customer's exact requirements.


Our smaller panels are built to BS EN 60439-1 Form 1 and Form 2 and larger, free standing panels built to BS EN 60439-1, Form 3 and Form 4.


We can install ASTA certified bus bar systems and use the latest switchgear to BS EN 60947-4-1 to achieve Type 2 co-ordination

We establish the appropriate industry standards required to ensure we meet our clients standards and expectations.


PECS is continually looking at the latest technologies available, with a view to using the latest switchgear and control equipment and presenting this to our customers.


PECS has close relationships with local suppliers and manufacturers to ensure we have access to the best industry prices, technology and technical backup.


No control system is complete without Operation and Maintenance manuals. We have a standard O and M layout but also work with our customers, to ensure we meet their requirements.


O and M manuals contain drawings, layouts, functional design control philosophy, part's list and manufacturers technical information.